Popular Golf Society Scoring Systems | ParUp Golf

Popular Golf Society Scoring Systems | ParUp Golf

Explaining Popular Golf Society Scoring Systems | ParUp Golf Simplifies Scoring

As a member of a golf society, understanding different scoring systems is essential for enjoying your game to the fullest. ParUp Golf simplifies these scoring methods to enhance your golfing experience. Let’s explore the most popular golf society scoring systems:

Stableford Scoring:

Stableford is a popular scoring system that assigns points based on a player’s performance relative to par on each hole and the player’s handicap.

Points are awarded against the player’s Net score (gross score minus any shots given after applying the player’s course handicap):

Double Bogey or worse: 0 points or more commonly known as a blob
Bogey: 1 point
Par: 2 points
Birdie: 3 points
Eagle: 4 points
Albatross: 5 points

This scoring system allows golfers of all skill levels to compete against each other by focusing on achieving points per hole rather than counting total strokes.

Stroke Play:

Stroke play, also known as medal play, is a straightforward scoring system where each player counts the total number of strokes taken to complete the entire round. This gives a Gross Score, then the player subtracts their course handicap to get a Net Score.

For instance, if the player shoots a Gross Score of 89 and has a Handicap of 15, their Net Score would be 74 (89 – 15 = 74).

The player with the lowest total Net Score at the end of the round is the winner.
Stroke play is commonly used in individual player competitions and tournaments, emphasising consistency and accuracy over the entire round.


Match Play:

Match Play is a scoring system where players compete hole-by-hole against each other rather than against the entire field.

Match Play can be played by 2 players, one against the other or with playing partners in a fourball.

In each match, players earn points based on the number of holes won, lost, or halved against their opponent.

For instance, if Player A wins the first hole against Player B, Player A goes to ‘1 Up’. If Player A then wins the second hole, they go ‘2 Up’. If Player B wins the 3rd hole, Player A drops back to just ‘1 Up’ and if Player B then wins the 4th hole, both Players are back to ‘All Square’ and so on. If a hole is halved between the two players, there is no change to the score.

Match play is known for its strategic elements, as players must just focus on winning individual holes rather than achieving a low overall score.


Four-Ball (Better Ball or 4BBB):

Four-Ball, also known as Better Ball, is a team-based scoring system where two players compete as a team against another pair.

Each player plays their own ball throughout the round, and the team’s score for each hole is the lower score of the two players.

Four-Ball encourages teamwork and allows players to take more aggressive shots, knowing that their partner’s score can be used if needed.

Four-Ball can be scored using Stroke, Stableford or Match Play scoring methods.

Understanding these popular golf society scoring systems enhances your enjoyment of the game and fosters friendly competition among players.

ParUp Golf simplifies scoring for you, making it easier than ever to manage golf society days and tournaments. Join ParUp Golf today and elevate your golfing experience with our innovative app.

ParUp Golf, focusing on making the game of golf more inclusive, ultimately helping to grow the game of golf for all ages and abilities. 

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