Understanding Stableford Scoring System in Golf

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What is the Stableford Scoring System in Golf? | ParUp Golf Explains

The Stableford scoring system is a popular method used by golf societies to calculate scores based on the player’s own society handicap and the number of strokes taken on each hole.

Unlike traditional stroke play scoring, where the objective is to have the lowest score, Stableford encourages players to aim for a higher Stableford score by rewarding points based on their play.

In the Stableford system, players earn points based on their ‘net’ score against the Par of the hole. Therefore, the number of points awarded on each hole is determined by the number of strokes taken to Par before being adjusted in relation to the player’s handicap. To do this, it involves taking a look at the Stroke Index on the scorecard.

For example, a player with a handicap of 6 will be afforded an extra shot on the holes that have a stroke index of 1 to 6. A 24-handicapper, meanwhile, would get two extra strokes on holes with a stroke index of 1 to 6 and one extra shot on those with a stroke index of 7 to 18.

So, if a hole is a Par 5 with a stroke index of 6, our 6-handicapper would get one extra stroke (Par 6) and our 24-handicapper would get two extra strokes (Par of 7).

The Stableford points allocation follows this format:

Two over Par, known as a Double Bogey (or worse): 0 points or more commonly known as a ‘blob’

One over Par, known as a Bogey: 1 point

Level Par: 2 points

One under Par, known as a Birdie: 3 points

Two under Par, known as an Eagle: 4 points

Three under Par, known as an Albatross: 5 points

The primary advantage of the Stableford scoring system is its ability to accommodate golfers of all varying skill levels. Instead of focusing solely on the number of strokes taken, Stableford allows players to contribute positively to their team or competition regardless of their individual handicap.

With ParUp Golf’s innovative app, managing Stableford scoring becomes even simpler and more enjoyable. Our digital platform streamlines the scoring process, automatically calculating points based on each player’s performance relative to the Par of the hole.

This allows players to focus on their game and enjoy the competitive aspect of golf without the hassle of manual scorekeeping.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the game, understanding the Stableford scoring system opens up new opportunities to enhance your golfing experience. Join ParUp Golf today and discover how our app can simplify scoring, elevate your game, and make every round of golf more enjoyable.

ParUp Golf, focusing on making the game of golf more inclusive, ultimately helping to grow the game of golf for all ages and abilities. 

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